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Board of Directors

As the governing body of PNUCC, the Board of Directors engages with the PNUCC staff and membership to solidify the projects and focus of the organization.  We count on the Board members’ vision and expertise to prioritize ongoing efforts and to identify new issues for PNUCC members to consider.  The Board members bring insight to the Pacific Northwest and the electric power industry as they share their experience and wisdom in regular monthly gatherings.

Board of Director Meetings


Communications Committee

With the Board of Director’s oversight, the Communications Committee meets at least quarterly to advance the messages and information about  the Pacific Northwest electric power industry.  The goal is to inform and provide perspective on key regional issues for utilities and decision makers.

Communications Committee Meetings


Power & Natural Gas Planning Taskforce

Under the guidance of the Board and in coordination with the NW Gas Association, PNUCC members and natural gas industry experts meet every two months to work jointly to assess regional planning issues and consider analysis to better understand the growing interdependence of electric power and natural gas.

Power & Natural Gas Planning Taskforce Meetings


System Planning Committee

Under the guidance of the Board the PNUCC System Planning Committee meets to tackle a multitude of regional planning issues and analysis to help ensure a reliable, adequate power supply for the region.

System Planning Committee Meetings