March 6, 2015

Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes: 

1. Corporate Business

  • Acknowledge Antitrust Compliance Statement
  • Approve February Meeting Minutes

2. PNUCC Member News

3. Energy Imbalance Market Governance Structure Planning (presentation)

Robert Weisenmiller, California Energy Commission; Kevin Lynch, Ibedrola

4. Grays Harbor PUD Rates Story (presentation)

Dave Ward and Doug Streeter, Grays Harbor PUD 

5. NW Power Pool Load Picture (presentation)

Jerry Rust, Northwest Power Pool 

6. 2015 Northwest Regional Forecast – Draft Results (presentation)

7. Snohomish PUD MESA Battery Storage System (presentation 1) (presentation 2)

Craig Collar and Jason Zyskowski, Snohomish PUD; David Kaplan, 1Energy Systems