October 4, 2019

Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes: 
  1. Corporate Business

  • Acknowledge Antitrust Compliance Statement

  • Approve September Meeting Minutes

  • Approve Distribution of Draft 2020 Budget for Member Review

  1.  PNUCC Member News   

  • NWPP Resource Adequacy Symposium Reflection/What’s Next

  1. EDAM Update, Kelcey Brown, PacifiCorp

  1. A Collaborative Transportation Electrification Initiative, Jennifer Harper, Energy Northwest

  1. NorthWestern Energy’s Resource Procurement Plan, Ben Fitch-Fleischmann, NorthWestern Energy

  1. PNUCC Load Forecasting Workshop Highlights

  1. Executive Director’s Report

                                                  PNUCC Annual Meeting - November 15, 2019