October 7, 2016

Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes: 

1. Corporate Business

  • Acknowledge Antitrust Compliance Statement
  • Approve August Meeting Minutes
  • Approve Release of 2017 Draft Budget for Member Review

2. PNUCC Member News

3. Cyber Security at Snohomish PUD      Cybersecurity

Like others, Snohomish PUD is focused on minimizing their vulnerability related to cyber security.  Benjamin Beberness, Snohomish PUD CIO, will join the Board with his recount of the PUD’s recent experience following testing of their security measures, and share his perspective on security issues facing the industry. 

4. Expectations from Codes and Standards    Codes & Standards

The expanding building codes and the most recent wave of appliance standards kicking in are having a notable impact on the expected demand for electricity in the future.  Tom Eckman, whom is intimately familiar with this work, will share with the Board the highlights of a recently completed US Department of Energy Report estimating the savings from current and upcoming codes and standards. 

5. Defining Momentum Savings      Momentum Savings

From Bonneville Power, Carrie Cobb, Market Research Lead, will share with the Board how the agency is tallying the indirect savings (a.k.a. momentum savings) being accrued in the region as a result of the utilities’ energy efficiency programs.  She will help us understand how these savings are stacked up with other types of savings.

6. PNUCC Value of Hydro Final Draft Paper      Value of Hydro

The final draft of the PNUCC Value of Hydropower Paper is being fine-tuned with the goal of getting the System Planning Committee’s final thumbs up at their mid-October meeting.  In the interim the Board will be briefed on the findings of the report to get their input on the completeness and accuracy of the top take aways.