Communicators Workshop

Communications Committee

Talking Carbon & Solar in the Northwest 

July 29, 2014

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

PDX Conference Center at the Portland Airport

1. Welcome and Member Highlights

This is an opportunity for you to share what is top of mind in your company beyond the two main workshop topics.

2. Breaking Down Northwest Perspective on Carbon Emissions

The PNUCC staff will present the details of the just completed Carbon Emissions – a Northwest Perspective report.  This is a time to ask questions about the report, ponder the implications of the proposed EPA rule (111 (d)), hear about others’ efforts and perspectives, discuss helpful regional messages on carbon, as well as consider next steps for utilizing this information.

3. Thinking about Community Solar

Several utilities are contemplating the value and implications of adding solar to their systems.  We will be asking those of you that are delving into solar on a technical and/or policy level to share what your company is doing, what you see as the benefits and the challenges.  In addition, there will be time to discuss what information would be useful for communications purposes to include in a technical regional report.

4. The Evolving Utility Business Model

We will discuss how the traditional business of the electric power utility is evolving, and consider future communication needs for working with your customers and local, state and federal policy makers.  For example, what communications would help in setting the stage for changes in your customers’ rate structures?  

Note: Lunch on your own at the PDX Food Court