April 10, 2015

Power and Natural Gas Taskforce

1. Welcome

  • Acknowledge Antitrust Compliance Statement

2. System Watch/Member Update

  • FERC conference on EPA 111(d) update

  • Correction to February meeting minutes

3. Updates from the 2015 Outlook and NRF

The group will hear initial takeaways and conclusions from the NWGA 2015 Outlook, which looks at Northwest gas supply/demand, and the PNUCC Northwest Regional Forecast, which looks at electric supply/demand.

4. Northwest Gas Infrastructure Analysis 

A subgroup of the Taskforce has been working on a report looking at how potential new gas loads may change Northwest gas infrastructure and affect utility planning and needs. The group will hear an update on the project and provide feedback. 

5. Power & Gas Load Forecasting

In the next couple months the PNUCC System Planning Committee will meet to discuss electric load forecasting.  Over the past few years quite a lot has changed with utility load growth.  Since the recession in 2008 loads have not rebounded as expected.  Part of this could be due to conservation, codes and standards and changes in energy use.  The group will discuss how their utility conducts load forecasting, what has changed recently and issues that continue today.  Is there any interest from the gas side in participating jointly in these discussions?