July 31, 2015

System Planning Committee

1. Welcome

  • Acknowledge Antitrust Compliance Statement

  • Introductions

2. System Operation Watch

3. Demand response in the Northwest

The group will review and discuss a PNUCC memo cataloging existing demand response in the Northwest and future potential based on utility integrated resource plans.  We will also discuss what other data and thoughts to include in the memo.   

4. 7th Power Plan Check In

When the draft 7th Power Plan is released PNUCC will be submitting comments, with many of the technical comments likely coming from the System Planning Committee.  During this topic we will discuss the 7th Plan development, what is going well and what issues of concern are arising.       

5. EPA carbon regulations under 111(d) & 111(b)

With final carbon regulations from the EPA expected out soon we are planning to host a few webinars to discuss how everyone is interpreting the details.  A memo and/or report will likely be produced out of the discussions.  We will start discussing how to lay the foundation for this effort during this topic.