February 7, 2020

Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes: 

Draft Agenda for February 7, 2020

  1. Corporate Business
  • Acknowledge Antitrust Compliance Statement
  • Approve January Meeting Minutes
  • Fill Board vacancy and Vice-Chair position
  • Approve selection of System Planning Committee Chair/Vice-Chair
  • Action on request to fund Columbia River Treaty Power Group
  • PNUCC Member News
  1. Emerging Issues Roundtable Board Members
  2. NWPP Resource Adequacy Program Development UpdateSarah Edmonds, invited
  3. Inside PacifiCorp’s Integrated Resource PlanRick Link
  4. What to Expect: Columbia River System Operations EIS Elliot Mainzer
  5. Initial look at the draft 2020 Northwest Regional Forecast – Tomás Morrissey
  6. Executive Director’s Report Shauna McReynolds